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*Coming April 2024

We are dedicated to offering safe, and reliable long distance pet transportation from Florida to New York. We understand your pets are your family which is why your pets safety, health and wellbeing are important to us. You can be confident that our drivers will treat your pets like their own while they are along for the ride.

Our Route

We make biweekly trips through the I75 and I95 Corridors

Shared Ride Service

I95 Corridor

I75 Corridor


We make biweekly trips through the I95 and I75 corridors. This route has a standard rate.

Sharing - This is a shared ride service. This means that your pet is going to be sharing their ride with other peoples pets. 

No Additional Charge - If your pick up and/or drop off location are within a reasonable distance from the I95 and I75 corridors there will be no additional fees and you will be charged our standard rate

Additional Charges - If your pick up and/or drop off location is NOT within a reasonable distance from the I95 and I75 corridors you may incur an additional charge. While we will accommodate drop off and pick up locations outside of our standard route, we do take into consideration fuel, distance, and time when quoting you for out of route locations.

*Note: We do not guarantee rates or availability. It is important to always send us a quote request form to confirm our availability and the rate for your pets specific ride.

Our Promise

We will make sure that your pet arrives safely to their destination. To make sure that we can fulfill this promise we offer the following:

Climate controlled transport vehicle

Individual transportation crates that are sanitized before every ride.

Bottled water and hypoallergenic pet safe snacks. 

Updates sent to you through email or a phone call.

A USDA Certified Pet Transporter who is up to date on their Equine First Aid Certifications (this covers cats and dogs).

Frequent breaks for walks and exercise with extra cuddles and love!

VIP solo rides at an additional cost.

Fully insured transport service

Our Credentials

We value transparency and want you to trust that we are fully qualified to travel with your pet. We are fully insured and are a USDA Pet Transporter. 


Contact us for a quote today!

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